Robust License Manager for Your Software Products

The all-in-one solution for software license verification and usage and telemetry data collection.

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Core Features

Powerful Solution Tailored to Your Business Needs

Keevault offers a powerful API and versatile features for the ultimate software license management experience.

  • License Verification

    Ensures adherence to your software usage terms and conditions with Keevault's license verification API.

  • Usage Tracking & Data Collection

    Efficiently tracks and collects data on software usage for insightful analytics and optimization.

  • License Activation
  • Remote License Deactivation
  • Deploy Software Update
  • Collect Usage Data
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Product Features

Explore Keevault's Product & API Features

In-depth details of what Keevault has to offer in terms of features and tools.

License Keys

Create or import license keys using the dashboard or through the API.


Generators can produce keys based on predefined formats or custom algorithms.


Create your product and configure it according to your preferences, which will later be utilized by the API.


Create downloadable packages accessible through the API.


Track activations through the dashboard and send remote deactivation requests.

API Keys

Each API endpoint has its own permission that needs to be enabled to be accessible.

API Settings

The responses are signed to ensure that they originated from your servers.


Every action, whether through the dashboard or API, is meticulously logged for transparency.

Telemetry Data

Telemetry data collected is viewable through both the dashboard and API interfaces.

Dashboard Widgets

Create insightful dashboard widgets using the collected telemetry and usage data.

Filter & bulk actions

All dashboard data is filterable and bulk actions can be applied to save time.

User Security

Enhance security with two-factor authentication for added protection and peace of mind.


Our Software Licencing API

Simplify distribution, manage licenses securely, and scale applications effortlessly with our robust solution.

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  • License Keys


    Aassign license keys to customers either via the API or through the intuitive dashboard.

  • License Keys


    Activate license keys for seamless access to your software products and services.

  • License Keys


    Deactivate license keys seamlessly using the API or remotely through the intuitive dashboard.

  • License Keys


    The API facilitates creating, updating, deleting, and fetching license keys with seamless efficiency and flexibility.

  • Products


    Utilize the API to create, update, delete, and fetch products for streamlined management and accessibility.

  • Downloadables

    Deliver Software Update

    Utilize the API to deliver software updates to users, granting access based on customizable rule sets for streamlined management.

  • Generators

    Get Generators

    Retrieve the list of available license key generators through the API for streamlined integration and management of software licenses.

  • Generators

    Generate License Keys

    Generate license keys effortlessly through the API for seamless distribution and management of software licenses.

  • Data Collection

    Send Data

    PEfficiently collect usage and telemetry data to gain insights and optimize performance through our integrated API.

  • Data Collection

    Get Data

    Access stored telemetry data for utilization and processing with third-party tools and software through our API.